In the dynamic world of retail, hypermarkets are constantly seeking innovative ways to understand and improve customer engagement. The introduction of Vision AI technology is transforming their ability to identify and recapture missed sales opportunities, a previously elusive metric that is now becoming clear.

The Insightful Eye of Vision AI

Traditional sales data from POS systems merely scratch the surface, recording successful transactions without capturing the subtleties of customer behavior. Vision AI delves deeper, monitoring and analyzing how customers interact with products. It discerns not just the purchases but also the pauses, the contemplations, and the eventual walk-aways, offering a comprehensive view of potential sales that didn't materialize.

Harnessing Data Through Normalization

The strength of Vision AI lies in its ability to provide normalized data, which is essential for objective analysis. This method calibrates the data, accounting for variations in customer flow and external factors, to ensure accurate comparisons of customer engagement across different testing scenarios.

A/B Testing: Vision AI in Action

An excellent illustration of Vision AI in practice is its application in A/B testing for end cap displays. Hypermarkets can set up two variations of product displays at the end of aisles and use Vision AI to track and compare customer interaction. By analyzing which version garners more attention or leads to increased dwell time without purchase, the hypermarket gains valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior.

Strategic Adjustments for Maximum Conversion

Armed with data from A/B testing, hypermarkets can make strategic changes to enhance the shopping experience. If Vision AI identifies a high interest in a product without corresponding sales, the retailer may explore different pricing strategies, bundle offers, or improve staff training for better customer engagement, turning potential sales into actual revenue.

Implementing Vision AI as a Routine Tool

Incorporating Vision AI into daily operations allows hypermarkets to constantly refine their strategies. For instance, they can routinely alternate end cap displays, using Vision AI to guide their decisions, and adapt their product placement and promotions in near real-time.


Vision AI is not just about advanced technology; it's about adopting a new perspective on customer interaction. By embracing this tool, hypermarkets can unveil the full narrative behind each customer's visit, transforming missed sales opportunities into successful conversions. In the competitive arena of retail, Vision AI is the ally that ensures hypermarkets remain at the forefront, capitalizing on every chance to meet their customers' needs.

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