Erase Personal Identifiers,
Retain Essential AI Features

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"Do you ensure all PII is removed from your AI training datasets?"

"Do you know traditional mosaics or blurs can reduce AI model accuracy?"

Your Visual Data Contains Numerous PII - Faces and License Plate

Human faces and car plates in visual data are classified as personal identifiable information.

Your batches of visual data contains numerous pieces of personal information, appropriate measures for anonymization must be taken to store and utilize the data.

Using a Mosaic or Blurring the Data could Reduce the AI Data Utility

For Al Model training, we use a lot of visual data.

While mosaics or blurs are often used for visual data anonymization, using such processed visual data for Al Model training can sometimes reduce the accuracy of the Al model.

Proven with Mainstream Vision Tasks

SEAL is suitable for a wide range of AI vision applications, emphasizing AI utility while ensuring the removal of personal information. SEAL balances rigorous privacy standards with enhanced performance across diverse vision tasks.
Action Recognition
Car Detection
Semantic Segmentation
Depth Estimation
Face Landmark Detection
Person Attribute
Pose Estimation
Gender/Young Classification

Competitive Comparison



Face Replacement



Efficient, retains data value
Synthetic face replacement
Blurred details
Complete data masking
Real-time processing
Slower synthesis
Data intergrity
Retains vital AI details
Compromises with artificial faces
Loses clarity
Hides details
Clear Anonymization
Ambiguous due to its natural look
Blurred but data lost
Details lost

SEAL is Being Actively Used for

AI Model Development

Boost accuracy with real-world data.

Ethical AI

Drive ethical AI research with SEAL's privacy protection.

Leveraging Real-world Data

Refine AI models post-deployment, leveraging real-world data without compromising privacy.

Data Sharing

Publish or share datasets without privacy concerns, and ensure secure long-term data retention.

How SEAL Works?

Step #1

Upload Images/videos through Simple Script or GUI

Step #2

Remove Personal Information Automatically

Step #3

Make Your AI Model Compliant to Privacy Regulations like GDPR

Step #1

Upload through a Simple Script or UI

Step #2

Explore features and functionalities

Step #3

Personalize your gentle experience

Deployment Options

Cloud based solution with an easy Drag&Drop UI.
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Cloud based solution using a simple script.
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Direct integration into your infrastructure, best for closed network environment.
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On-site real-time data processing from direct camera input.
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Can it process videos as well?

You can process videos as well. In addition to a free trial of up to 10,000 images, we also offer a free trial for sample videos (10 minutes). We highly recommend giving it a try.
If you'd like to experience a free trial, simply reach out by clicking 'Get in touch' and I'll be ready to assist you promptly.

Is there a free trial available?

Of course. We are offering up to 10,000 free trial images on our website! If you'd like to experience a free trial, simply reach out by clicking 'Get in touch', and we'll be ready to assist you promptly.
Feel free to try it out for free, and if you could kindly share your feedback and opinions, we will use your input to enhance and strive to provide an even better service.

What is the price plan?

Per number of image, per length of video based pricing model. We are happy to offer discounting model for volume processing. If you'd like to try SEAL, simply reach out by clicking 'Get in touch' and We'll be ready to assist you promptly.

Is data labeling possible after SEAL processing?

Certainly. If you share specific details about the task, data quantity, data format, and required label types via 'Get in Touch', we'll give you a precise estimate and guide you through our data labeling services.

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