The Leader of Data Anonymization

Deeping Source is the leader in data anonymizing technology,
meeting the challenge of the AI industry's insistent demands for large-scale safe datasets.
We achieve secure data sharing by protecting privacy and ownership using our novel core IP's. 

Restarting of AI Innovation

through Safe-to-Use Data

Our mission is to enable collecting, using and sharing data securely. We provide solutions that protect privacy and ownership of data while preserving their utility values for machine learning and analytics applications.

We innovate data sources, data archive and platforms for data sharing. 

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Our Team

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CEO / Co-founder / Ph.D

Pete Tae-hoon Kim

Pete is Chief Executive Officer and board member of Deeping Source. He previously was co-founder and CTO of Olaworks, a mobile computer vision company that was acquired by Intel. He was also Principal Engineer of machine learning and computer vision at Intel.

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