Introducing Store Care AI: Revolutionizing Store Management with Artificial Intelligence

What is Store Care AI by Deeping Source?

Store Care AI is an artificial intelligence solution designed to maximize the efficiency of store operations and simplify routine management tasks. The AI monitors the interior of the store in real-time and automatically suggests necessary actions. This allows store owners to manage their stores more easily and effectively.

Key Features of Store Care AI

1. Product Display Monitoring

Store Care AI detects the status of product displays in real-time. If the display is lacking or incorrect, it immediately alerts the store owner. For example, if a particular product is selling quickly and the display is insufficient, the AI detects this and notifies the owner to restock.

2. Environmental and Facility Management

The AI monitors the cleanliness of the store, detecting if there is trash on the floor or if cleaning is needed, and sends immediate alerts. Additionally, if a refrigerator door is left open for a long time, the AI detects this and sends an alert to maintain food freshness and prevent energy loss. These integrated management features ensure that the store is always in optimal condition.

3. Security Surveillance

The AI detects potential theft or crime risks within the store in real-time and sends alerts. For example, if a suspicious person is detected, the AI alerts the store owner, allowing for quick response.

Why Store Care AI Makes Store Management Easier

1. Time Savings

Since the AI monitors the store in real-time and detects problems, store owners do not need to walk around and check everything themselves. This allows them to dedicate more time to other important tasks.

2. Quick Response to Issues

The AI sends immediate alerts, enabling swift identification and resolution of issues. For example, if a product display is lacking, the owner can quickly restock and minimize sales loss.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A clean and well-organized store enhances customer satisfaction and increases return visits. The AI continuously maintains the cleanliness and proper product display in the store, providing customers with an optimal shopping environment.

4. Food Safety and Energy Savings

If a refrigerator door is left open or not properly closed, the AI immediately alerts the store owner, ensuring food freshness and preventing energy loss. This helps reduce operating costs and provides customers with fresh products.

Unique Advantages of Deeping Source's Store Care AI

1. Superior Privacy Protection

Deeping Source possesses world-class video data anonymization technology. This ensures that customer privacy is thoroughly protected while securely processing data, distinguishing it from other solutions.

2. Real-Time Integrated Management

Beyond simple monitoring, Deeping Source's AI detects problems in real-time and suggests solutions. This covers a wider area and provides more detailed statistics compared to existing single-camera analysis solutions.

3. Multi-Function Integration

Store Care AI integrates various functions such as product display, environmental and facility management, and security. This allows store owners to manage everything with a single solution instead of multiple systems. Additionally, integration with Plus Insight provides advanced analytics capabilities, enabling more precise and comprehensive store management.

Deeping Source’s Store Care AI is an innovative solution that makes store operations more efficient and straightforward. It helps you manage your store more conveniently and provides the best service to your customers.

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