Anonymize your data,

Unlock the true potential of AI 

We develop data anonymizing technology which removes personal information from data, while preserving the utility for ML applications.

Making all data privacy-protected and safe-to-use, Deeping Source is the only solution to reignite the real power of Artificial Intelligence. 


The reason why data anonymization really matters

AI is losing opportunities

Massive amounts of data are key assets for the AI industry. However, from selfies to medical records, most data include private information. Two greatest challenges when utilizing personal data are strict regulations and the enormous expense.

While data is essential to unleash the power of AI, protecting privacy is equally important. This conundrum has created a strong demand for a tool that delivers both.


Anonymizer protects privacy for AI data

Our solution is to anonymize data to the extent that their outputs from a machine learning model are identical to those of original, while minimizing the risk of private information leakage.

Invisible to Human
ML Trainable
Privacy Secure

More issues other than privacy

Data is in danger


Protecting Confidentiality

Some images, videos, texts or audio files contain critical information of an organization, which should not be revealed to the public. When using or sharing data with confidential information, preventing all possibility of data leakage is a must.

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Protecting Data Ownership

From uploading to labeling, validation and purchase, many people are involved in the data transaction process. All data needs to be protected from unlawful data usages, such as illegal copying or reselling.

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A Better Data Life Cycle

with Deeping Source's technologies and products

By making all data accessible and usable, our ultimate goal is to make a better data life cycle and to boost AI innovation. Learn more about our core technologies and products.