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Data-driven decision based on real-time data

Great business opportunities come from real data.
Deeping Source's PLUS INSIGHT provides valuable data and insight through our anonymized AI solution.

Scalable AI Solution with PLUS INSIGHT

Our PLUS INSIGHT technology is uniquely scalable, providing insights across various spaces. Understand complex behaviors with data collected from multiple cameras.

Privacy Safe Analysis with PLUS INSIGHT

Experience a world where AI meets privacy. PLUS INSIGHT creates a safer AI-based environment without privacy concerns, using advanced, ethical technology.

Business Insight and Efficiency with PLUS INSIGHT

PLUS INSIGHT enhances business efficiency and creates revenue opportunities. Reduce costs and collect real-time data of your space more effectively.
People detected and tracked anonymously from multiple cameras are merged into one to get tracking people's movements in a large area.
Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking by PLUS INSIGHT

One Sight to Track All

Introducing PLUS INSIGHT's multi-target, multi-camera tracking technology. Experience seamless tracking and detection in large areas without missing or duplicating data.

Anonymization removes all information that may identify Personal Information. But it preserves minimal information from which AI captures other features like age, gender, facial expression, posture, etc.
Data Anonymization with PLUS INSIGHT

Free From Privacy Concern

Deeping Source's innovative data anonymization technology, a key feature of PLUS INSIGHT, effectively eliminates Personally Identifiable Information from all analyses. This patented solution ensures privacy and security in every data interaction.

All video data are firstly anonymized and then fed into the AI video analytics system. Our video analytics solution evolves using actual data collected from real environments based on SEAL: data anonymization platform for AI training

Video Analytics are visualized in Plus-insight dashboard in real time.
Customized AI Dashboard by PLUS INSIGHT

From Insight to Actionable Intelligence

Our web-based PLUS INSIGHT dashboard is not just customizable; it's a powerful tool that transforms insights into actionable intelligence. Designed for intuitive use, it offers easily comparable, data-driven insights, allowing you to conduct exploratory data analysis with ease. This dashboard empowers you to make swift, informed decisions, turning complex data into clear strategies for real-world application.

Your Business + Insight = Business Success

Deeping Source offers AI analytics that turns real-world data into in-depth insight that drives your business decisions.

Use Case


Retail business face the challenge of creating new business momentum based on real-time information of customers.
Deeping Source provides the solution by providing valuable data and insights through AI anonymization, where data provided is privacy-free.

Logistics · Industry Safety

Due to the Serious Accident Punishment Act, demand for safety management and workplace improvement continues to grow. Deeping Source's AI Anonymized Video Analytics solution provides data and insight that leads to the improvement of site safety and work efficiency, while protecting personal information.


Deeping Source provides AI anonymized video analytics solution that detects suspicious behavior of individuals at ATMs, manages device safety and prevents voice phishing.

Smart city

Smart city requires the understanding of different situations.
Deeping Source's AI Anonymized Video Analytics solution offers the technology to run a simulation of a large space while building a digital twin.

Cultural · Commercial space

As cultural space grows beyond serving as a sole space where products are sold, it expands to be a place where people exchange emotions, cultures, and experiences. Responding to such changes, Deeping Source provides data and insights based on analyzing customer characteristics while protecting personal information.


What is anonymization and why does it matter?

While removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the Anonymizer preserves data quality that is equivalent to the original. Once data is anonymized, it becomes invisible to the human eye but visible to the AI, allowing users to train actual ML models while ensuring individual privacy.
The most significant difference only the Anonymizer brings is the fact that it develops machine learning models without using the original data.

What makes Plus Insight different from any other services?

The fact that PLUS INSIGHT enables multiple tracking through multiple cameras makes it unique and beneficial. Our technology is able to recognize and process multiple cameras at once based on anonymized AI, tracking continuously in large square areas without section division of footage.
Moreover, all collected data is expressed through a web-based customized dashboard that is optimized for customer usage and fast response speed.

What is the price plan?

It differs according to the site, camera, or type of analysis required.
Contact our sales team for more information.

Does it only apply to retail business?

No, our solution is not restricted to certain industries. PLUS INSIGHT can be deployed to both indoor and outdoor places, such as construction sites and many more!

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