How secure is your data?
Infringement of ownership is the major ongoing issue that occurs in the process of data transaction. Security holes existing in the current data sharing environment are the major causes of the data breach incidents. In the entire flow of data, various participants are involved, such as providers, labelers, validators and consumers.
Two types of security holes
Data security holes appear in two different cases. First, data could be snatched in the processing phase, by some labelers and validators using them for own purposes without permission. Second, some purchasers may yield unfair profit by reselling data while seriously damaging the owner's copyright.
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Safeguard your data assets from illegal ML training


How Jammer protects data ownership

Train with your data 


Jammer disables data to be used for training AI models, ensuring that the data will be protected from misuses by untrusted labelers and validators. 

Jammer makes data untrainable for preview, labeling, validation, etc. A significant accuracy drop appears when training with jammed data. As a result, Jammer makes it useless to train an AI model with illegally copied ones. 

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Protect your data ownership from illegal resales

How Watermarker protects data ownership

Display your ownership

through data

Watermarker embeds  watermarks displaying the ownership into data that is to be purchased by consumers, therefore making it worthless for illegal uses, such as reselling.

Watermarks are visible to human, but data can be used for ML models without causing any accuracy drop. Since the marks are hard-to-remove, data processed with Watermarker are protected from thefts while still usable for AI trainings. 

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