Anonymizer in Embedded/Edge

Ensure both Security and Privacy

Anonymizer embedded camera

Applied to data-sources such as camera systems, Embedded Anonymizer anonymizes images or videos in real time, which enables privacy protection at data-sources while performing video analytics and surveillance like monitoring unusual actions or events.

Not only that, it also creates new opportunities for using real-time anonymized data for ML training and AI post-processing.

Anonymized Video Analytics (Usage Model)

intel_iot (1).png

Unlike conventional AI Video Analytics, our embedded cameras capture original frames and immediately anonymize them. Intel Movidius VPU enables our cameras to analyze the anonymized frames and provide real-time local inferences for use cases such as Object detection, People detection, etc. The collected anonymized data from multiple cameras can be post-processed on our Xeon-powered servers for down-stream AI and data analytics. 

Application 01

Anonymized AI camera

Making stores, cafes, streets and cities be smart without privacy concern

The original identifiable information is not required to provide services and safety. Video frames are anonymized in real-time. Key events are detectable and recognizable by AI,without any privacy concerns.

Application 02

Face Authentication

Smart authentication system without saving original data

Face images are transformed into obfuscated ones which are not identifiable by human eyes. De-identified data is then sent to an authentication system securely and destroyed immediately after the verification.


Data Protection API

Convert into Safe and Secure Data

Consisted of our core technologies, Data Protection API converts user's original data into safe and secure ones. 

Anonymizer and Obfuscator API guarantee privacy and confidentiality respectively while Jammer and Watermarker API protect data ownership from illegal uses. 

Data Protection API is optimized with large-scale datasets for various uses, enabling our users to customize for their specific targets. 

Data Protection API

Anonymized Dataset

Affordable, On-demand Anonymized Data


Besides anonymizing services, we also offer Anonymized Data. With large-scale anonymized datasets, the users are able to train machine learning models without any privacy concerns.


Data Sharing Platform Nachos

A Win-Win Solution for Data Sharing


Nachos is a safe and transparent data sharing platform. Large-scale datasets are securely collected, processed and shared while preserving privacy and preventing data leakage. 

Nachos is also economically beneficial for both data uploads and consumers. Uploaders receive rewards for uploading original data, while consumers are provided with cost-effective on-demand datasets.