• Decentralized Secure Data Market

    for Artificial Intelligence and Beyond

    Innovation through Secure Data Sharing

  • Technology

    Deeping Source creates a novel and unique data market for AI and relevant domains. Our platform encourages data-providers and crowd-workers to innovate the market by sharing and enhancing the data on everything, everyday, and everywhere. Their contributions are transparently tracked and get rewarded for all transactions in the market. The data can be securely traded even out of the market through our patented technologies on the data security and copyright protection without infringing on privacy.

    Technology Pipeline

    Our technology enables and accelerates secure sharing of the data for the advancement of AI technology.

    We provide the solid lifecycle of the data from their creation to the delivery, handling potential risks and legal issues on privacy and copyright infringement. Through our data valuation and curation technology, data can be efficiently and optimally selected and traded securely and transparently between users including individuals, teams, universities, and companies.

    Our core IP and features:

    • Data creation, labeling, and validation through crowd-sourcing and automated validator
    • Tracking of revision and transaction, consensus¬†algorithm for the data evolution
    • Security: privacy remover and copyright protector
    • Data curator: dataset builder for given requirements and budget
  • The Company

    Deeping Source team is passionate about everything on sharing data for AI, including core technology on machine learning, security, and scalable system. The team consists of world-class experts in the domains who have outstanding careers and experiences of successful exit of computer vision startups. Seeing the huge value of datasets in AI and machine learning domain, our vision is to make a community that everyone can contribute to the AI ecosystem and properly use resources to innovate the technology.

  • Solutions

    Coming soon. Our Core-IP will be available as Service, Installable, and Embeddable soon.

    We have our novel IP for data anonymization, copyright protection, data leakage protection